Why Use Energy Management in the Workplace? Practical tips and tools to optimise your workplace performance

This article aims to teach you a bit about energy management. I will be sharing some practical tools and guidelines so that you can learn how to boost your energy in the four different key areas (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual), understand what factors cause these batteries to deplete, and identify the warning signs that are telling you to dedicate more time towards keeping each of your four energy batteries recharged.

Between having to manage ever-growing demands and workloads at the office, scrambling to meet important deadlines, threats of cutbacks, juggling your personal and professional life, finding time to be there for your family, and making an effort to stay in shape, it can be extremely overwhelming and stressful to keep your head above water. This is especially true for leaders who find themselves climbing the corporate ladder, receiving greater responsibilities with every promotion. Busy leaders find that they have to complete more tasks in less time, which can lead to anxiety, fatigue, unhealthy stress, burnout, health problems, loss of focus, demotivation, and productivity losses. Often, corporate leaders are forced to sacrifice spending quality time with their families in order to complete their insurmountable pile of tasks, which can then lead to feelings of guilt and shame, while losing the precious connections to those who are most important to them. These feelings can contribute towards higher turnover intention and rates of absenteeism, lower engagement levels, and greater medical costs incurred to organisations, not to mention the impact it has on one’s well-being! Emerging reports and research have suggested that energy management holds many of the answers to these issues.

Are you interested in making the transition from barely surviving, to completely thriving in all aspects of life? The key is to shift your focus away from time management and to-do lists, and more towards energy management. Time is quantifiable and fixed, unlike energy, which can fluctuate and change from day-to-day. However, by regularly managing and regenerating your energy, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of unlocking your ultimate potential and keeping your head above water even in the most vicious storms. With energy management, you are gifting yourself the golden ticket to success and are giving yourself permission to achieve your most ambitious goals.

We are multi-dimensional beings, and we can divide ourselves into four different quotients, or batteries: the Intellectual Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Physical Quotient (PhQ), and Spiritual Quotient (SQ). In order to be complete human beings, it is important that each of these batteries receives attention and care – we are only as strong as our weakest battery, and when we are placed under high pressure environments, it will always be our weakest battery that runs out first. As soon as one of the batteries is ‘flat’, it is impossible to continue with our lives. You wouldn’t let your cell phone or laptop run out of battery, so why would you allow your own batteries to deplete?

When we manage our energy, we need to manage each of the four batteries and dedicate time and effort into maintaining and ‘recharging’ them. This, at first, will require concerted effort and attention to get right before it has been installed as a habit. When in doubt, remember that ‘good habits are hard to create, but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to create, but hard to live with.’ Don’t let your comfort zone today ruin your chances of success tomorrow!

Let’s take a closer look at each of the four batteries in the table below. We will take a look at a summarised version of: 1) How each of the batteries can be maintained through some simple practices; 2) What causes the batteries to be depleted; and 3) Some warning signs that may arise when the batteries are running low.

 Physical Battery (PhQ)Mental Battery (IQ)Emotional Battery (EQ)Spiritual Battery (SQ)
HOW TO MAINTAINGood nutrition and diet, exercise, sleep, avoid tobacco/excessive alcoholTime to relax/unwind, meditation for focus, sleep, learningFeel/accept emotions, journal, witness progress, release stressAlignment with values, future vision/goals, self-acceptance, meditation 
DEPLETION CAUSESOverworking, lack of exercise or sleep, sitting too muchDeadlines & workload, carrying out daily tasks, no new challengesConflict, overwhelm due to workload, not expressing true feelings, resentmentWorking out of alignment with values/beliefs, neglecting your needs, feeling like no progress is made 
WARNING SIGNSMuscle tension, loss of appetite, restlessness, grinding teeth, weight loss/gain, digestive problems Fatigue, loss of concentration, less mental clarity, obsessive thought patternsStress, anxiety, overwhelm, fits of anger, irritation/ aggressionLoss of direction, fearful of future, self-loathing, lack of acceptance, reactivity in stressful situations

Using the guidelines above, I hope that you can take some value from this article and learn about how you can keep each of your four batteries fully charged, allowing you to bring your performance, productivity, and resilience to the next level. I hope that you now understand the factors that can threaten these batteries, and how to identify when you need to take a step back and take an inventory of your personal energy.

Remember that by uplifting yourself, you automatically uplift others in the process. If you want to help the world, help yourself first and let the ripples of change do the rest.

Wishing you an energising and productive day ahead.

All the best!

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