Every day we empower hundreds of individuals, teams and organisations to take control of their performance as well as their mental and physical wellness. By killing the obvious, creating clarity within their role and their teams and establishing action-oriented steps needed to enhance their energy for performance, their abilities to create a winning team and their leadership skills to create a sustainable company culture.

Inspired by sports

The world of top-level sport serves as the perfect laboratory for human performance. As we are actively working with high-level sport teams and performers, our coaches constantly stimulate individual energy and team dynamics. Whether it’s in sports, art, academic or corporate environments, individual and collective performance rely on the same essential, natural and universal mechanisms.

Validated by science

Our methodologies are scientifically tested and our results are proven both in sports and corporate world, over and over again. We have developed tools to assess human energy, talent, motivation, etc. which enables us to measure the impact of all our programmes. In the same philosophy we create KDI’s (Key Development Indicators) to measure the impact of the progress made.

Applied to your business

For more than 20 years we’ve been translating our learnings on the field to corporate and academic environments, resulting in the successful development of corporate athletes. Enriched by powerful sport metaphors, supported with relevant tools and adapted to corporate environments, we give a new perspective on human mechanisms, with very simple and concrete applications to the professional context.



The MENTALLY FIT METHODOLOGY is a “Coach” approach. By using a “coach attitude” and very challenging questions, the coach stimulates reflection and awareness as well as the will to change and grow

Key Note Speaking

A Key Note Speaking permits the creation of a common language and gives a collective impulsion to your firm.

Team Coaching

Our approach on team coaching is inspired from sports and for this reason very pragmatic, concrete and oriented towards tangible results.

Individual Coaching

Nominated to a new position, promoted and career orientation. Manage your energy, not just your time.


Learn how to be able to transmit to others the Mentally Fit tools and bring your teams towards peak performance.


Over the last 20 years, Mentally Fit has coached and trained Olympic athletes and teams, World Champions to World class musicians and corporate athletes. Measuring energy leaks on all levels, cutting out these leaks and channeling their energy into a winning mindset.

The Mentally Fit Institute offers you a personalized accompaniment, whatever your position, the size of your company or the industry. We only have one objective: increase human performance. Each year, more than 100.000 participants from leading global organizations attend our programs all around the world.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, top leaders are required to evolve towards a more agile management style. Since Mentally Fit’s foundation we have been invited consistently as guest speakers to several executive management programs at renowned institutions around the world. Our added value in these programs is probably due to the very powerful sports metaphors and our pragmatic tools combined with an action-oriented coaching style.

Big pressure, fierce competition, stamina, demanding audiences, the constant need to improve and to be creative, the mass media… Artists have to deal with all of these elements for the rest of their lives. We prepare high level young and inexperienced musicians to peak on the right moment and to perform under huge pressure in the world famous Queen Elizabeth contest, yearly taking place in Belgium.

It is on the sport field that we encounter our true soul. No matter how well trained an athlete is, it’s the mental preparation that will make a difference. Since 1996 we accompany athletes, teams and National Olympic athletes and teams on their quest to the gold medal.