Energizing You

Making the most of your organiszation potential

Why We Do Energy

Our mission is to help people, companies and organizations in the process of continuous evolution towards sustainable performance. We facilitate the development of individuals and teams in achieving their personal and collective ambitions.


Pragmatic and Comprehensive

Pluralistic and Trans-Cultural

Constructivist and Humanist


Develop Team Genius

Promote Humanism

Transmit Passion

Stimulate Innovation

How We Energize

The MENTALLY FIT METHODOLOGY is a “Coach” approach. By using a “coach attitude” and very challenging questions, the coach stimulates reflection and awareness as well as the will to change and grow

Key Note Speaking

A Key Note Speaking permits the creation of a common language and gives a collective impulsion to your firm.

Team Coaching

Our approach on team coaching is inspired from sports and for this reason very pragmatic, concrete and oriented towards tangible results.

Individual Coaching

Nominated to a new position, promoted and career orientation. Manage your energy, not just your time.


Learn how to be able to transmit to others the Mentally Fit tools and bring your teams towards peak performance.

What We Do

Originating from the world of sports, the Mentally Fit programs contribute positively to the human performance in a multitude of disciplines: whether it’s in sports, art, academic or corporate environments, individual (Me) and collective performance (We) rely on the same essential, natural and universal mechanisms.

Enriched by powerful sport’s metaphors adapted to corporate environments, we give a new perspective on these human mechanisms, with very simple and concrete translations to their real professional context.

4 Axis of Human Performance

We all know about the importance of the Tripod of Performance: combination of IQ (be Smart – Brain) + EQ (be Committed – Heart) + PhQ (be Fit – Body). However, the dimension of the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is fast emerging because of our fast changing world. Exploring SQ is the ability to bring sense and balance to individuals and organizations.

Top Sport Coaching

The Mentally Fit Institute draws all its animation tools and methodologies from top sports coaching. The inspiration of the sport fields is a great laboratory for human performance. By permanent contact with top sport teams and performers, our team of coaches stimulate individual energies as well as team dynamics.

Where We Coach

We involve the different domains of human performance to get the most out of your Energy.


We mentally coach individuals and top teams – in close collaboration with the technical staffs of elite clubs and federations – to help athletes perform better.


As athletes, Corporate Athletes© are subject to the pressure of performance. This pressure will lead you and your staff to draw repeatedly into your natural resources until exhausted.


Since its inception the Mentally Fit Institute has been asked in several institutions in Belgium and Europe to intervene in their curriculum. Many of our coaches are regular participants in the academic world.



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