Inspired by the hard science behind elite sports coaching, our coaching programs challenge and motivate people for better self and people management, improving personal energy, team efficiency and organizational mindset.

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Energize Individuals

Our “Personal Energy” programmes offer concrete techniques of personal reinforcement to perform under high pressure while maintaining a good quality of life and health. Trust us to be the business coach you need to become the best Corporate Athlete.

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Energize Your Team

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to communicate a sense of purpose, and focus teams on priority areas and rely on technology in the digital age to manage teams remotely.

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Energize Your Organisation

Our Business Coaches are expert at establishing effective cultural transformation stimulated by a visible leadership evolution. On the way to a Winning culture, we first stimulate a Collaborative culture, bridging individuals, teams and departments.


As we are actively working with high-level sport teams and performers, our coaches constantly stimulate individual energy and team dynamics. Whether it’s in sports, art, academic or corporate environments, individual and collective performance rely on the same essential, natural and universal mechanisms.



10 to 3000+ people

Want to create maximum impact in a minimum of time? Our conferences are considered powerful mini coaching sessions. We don’t stick to the theory, but combine fascinating storytelling and interactive exercises with live voting to transform performance-limiting mindsets into performance-acceleration mindsets.


5 to 25+ per workshop ideally, from employees to executives

Do you want to experience the pragmatic Mentally Fit tools yourself and implement them in your day-to-day business? In our workshops, we actively assess the deep rooted behavior on individual, team and organizational level. Through learning by doing we install sustainable and high-performing mindsets.


1 to 1

Do you want to boost your personal performance? Do you want to grow as a business or team leader? In our individual coaching session, we will personally challenge and guide you to your next level of performance.



Business Coach


Executive Business Coach & Country Director

Luc Van der Hofstadt has been an Executive Business Coach at the Mentally Fit Institute since 2000. In that capacity, he regularly directs team and individual coaching sessions for Executive Committees and Managers for corporate and institutional clients in various countries around the world.

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As a facilitator, business coach and motivational speaker, Luc coaches and inspires on team dynamics, and advises leaders on how to manage their own energy as well as the energy of their teams to achieve sustainable individual and team performance.

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Business Partner

Born and raised in South Africa, Uzi as she is fondly known, lived in several countries across the world gracing magazines and fashion catwalks, which made her the determined resilient brave businesswoman and mom today. 

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She worked 7 years as an international model, and has almost 14 years of work experience spanning across various industries in multiple European and African countries, Uzi acknowledges this as the best teacher of adaptability, open mindedness and most of all empathy.

Uzile believes that people are capable of more than they are aware of, having experienced 2 successful careers, from modelling to marketing in corporate – she is a walking example about the power of reinvention and re-positioning.

She is passionate about people, and enjoys the thrill of seeing people grasp concepts and become excited to make better decisions for the enrichment of their lives and businesses.

Achievements :

  • Project managing the largest travel exhibition in the African continent.
  • Finalist and representing South Africa in the Face of Africa
  • Finalist of The Cashbuild reality TV building challenge
  • Country Manager for a German sports hospitality agency that activated in the 2010 world cup in South Africa.
  • Coaching consumers and school children financial literacy.
  • Programming assistant for the largest staged jazz festival in SA, The North Sea Jazz Festival.

Sports :

Hiking, cycling, yoga, netball

Business Coach


Business Partner

Suresh has over 40 years of extensive Hospitality, Foods Retail industry experience working for famous companies in South Africa. He held senior management and leadership roles throughout his career notably at Woolworth’s FoodDivision. His last being that of Head: Foods Central Buying.

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He is passionate about people development and transformation. During his career he has spent much of his time Coaching and Mentoring. One of his key goals is to help with transformation by ensuring we build a better and brighter South Africa for all. His motto is “What can I do to leave the world in a better place”.

He is a strongly principled professional and currently serves as The Chairperson and Non-Executive Director of the Food and Connect Board at UCT. He previously spent time at the Absa Cape Epic as a Management Consultant. Suresh is a keen cyclist, having completed 17 Argus Cycle Races and has been involved with event management/sponsorship with the Absa Cape Epic for over 12 years.


  • FOOD & BEVERAGE: Hospitality Management Programme 1978
  • VARSITY COLLEGE:  Business Management 1998
  • GSB UCT: Executive Leadership Programme 2001
  • IMSIMBI:  Advanced Project Management 2010
  • GSB WITS UNIVERSITY: Corporate Governance Programme 2004
Business Coaching


Business Developer

Coming from France, Valentin has a valid sports, academic and professional background which allows him to fit perfectly to the corporate culture. Currently studying a master’s degree in international management, he has acquired knowledge and experience in various fields such as sales, marketing, finance or business management.

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Valentin is also a true sport passionate, spending is free time playing football, swimming, hiking or working out.

All these skills will enable him to implement an effective business development plan to bring the company to the next level.


  • Master’s degree in Economy and International Management.
  • One-year academic exchange with the National Central University of Taoyuan, Taiwan.
  • 6 months academic exchange with the Vanier CEGEP in Montréal, Canada.
Business Coach


Business Developer

Alban has a relevant international business background linked to several experiences in global groups and small companies realized during his studies.

He used to work in sport, food retail and import-export sectors during his International Business Manager bachelor’s degree realized in apprenticeship.

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His academic background linked to his commitment in different sport clubs such as handball and football allowed him to put in action team working and leadership to help grow the teams.

He already worked abroad with international colleagues that gave him an open-minded mindset and international culture understanding. 


  • International Business Technician Superior diploma, realized simultaneously with an assistant manager experience in a travel agency in London, working with worldwide team sports such as football, rugby, hockey and a consignee agent experience in the harbour area of Normandy 


  • International Business Manager diploma with honors as the same time as a one-year apprenticeship in Elle&Vire International – Savencia Supply Chain service, LCL/FCL exportations, master of the documentary chain and intermediary between all the services 


  • President of Com’Export student’s association and vice president of Unicorn student’s association  
Business Coaching


Marketing & Digital Manager

Ryan has worked in Education and Marketing for the last 13 years. He holds a Bcom Degree in Economics & Industrial Psychology from UNISA. Having worked in some of the biggest colleges in the country such as Oxbridge Academy he brings on board his ability to turn a vision into reality

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His passion is education and his talent is technology. After teaching himself code and launching his own college, Ryan has embarked on the exciting journey with Mentally Fit Institute South Africa (MFISA) as Marketing Manager. Someone who learns faster than most, Ryan helps us to manage our clients more effectively and is in charge of helping MFISA take the next step in evolution and offer online courses and training.


  • He has his own photography, web design and online college as businesses.
  • Helped Oxbridge Academy to grow to a distance learning juggernaut as Service Manager over a 6 and a half year tenure.


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