Yourself. Your Team. Your Organisation

Energy Management is about sourcing Individual Energy, sharing the Energy with the Team and boosting the Organizational Energy.Energizing individuals, teams and organizations is key to sustainable performance.

We do this in three ways:


Energize Yourself

Our “Personal Energy” programmes offer concrete techniques of personal reinforcement to perform under high pressure while maintaining a good quality of life and health

Your Team

Energize Your Team

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to communicate a sense of purpose, and focus teams on priority areas and rely on technology in the digital age to manage teams remotely.

Your Organisation

Energize Your Organization

Our coaches are expert at establishing effective cultural transformation stimulated by a visible leadership evolution. On the way to a Winning culture, we first stimulate a Collaborative culture, bridging individuals, teams and departments.

Meet The Team

Luc van der Hofstadt

Luc Van der Hofstadt has been an Executive Business Coach at the Mentally Fit Institute since 2000. In that capacity, he regularly directs team and individual coaching sessions for Executive Committees and Managers for corporate and institutional clients in various countries around the world. As a facilitator and motivational speaker, Luc coaches and inspires on team dynamics, and advises leaders on how to manage their own energy as well as the energy of their teams to achieve sustainable individual and team performance.

Leander van Nelson

Leander van Nelson

Management Coach and Keynote Speaker

With over a decade of expertise in hospitality and tourism management and the international guest services industry, Leander holds a Diploma in Coaching as well as an MBA Sales from The Success Institute (RSA) and MBA Leadership from Florida International University (USA).
Her areas of expertise further include management and leadership coaching, business planning and crises management.
With extensive international work experience and a passion for travel and diversity, Leander offers a well-rounded, global perspective as a management coach. She inspires others to energize individuals, teams and organizations for performance that leads to a winning culture
• Full service coaching and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), 2018 and Management Coach.
• Royal Caribbean International, Unsung Hero Award, 2012 hand-picked from 45 000 crew members
• Divisional Head of team, managing the largest cruise ship in the world, 2011.

Ryan Jacobs

Ryan Jacobs

Marketing Manager

Ryan has worked in Education and Marketing for the last 13 years. 

He holds a Bcom Degree in Economics & Industrial Psychology from UNISA. Having worked in some of the biggest colleges in the country such as Oxbridge Academy and Varsity College. Ryan brings on board his ability to turn a vision into reality – like this website.

His passion is education and his talent is technology. After teaching himself code and launching his own college, Ryan has embarked on the exciting journey with Mentally Fit Institute South Africa (MFISA) as Marketing Manager.

Someone who learns faster than most, Ryan helps us to manage our clients more effectively and is in charge of helping MFISA take the next step in evolution and offer online courses and training.


  • He has his own photography, web design and online college as businesses.

  • Helped Oxbridge Academy to grow to a distance learning juggernaut as Service Manager over a 6 and a half year tenure.


Part of a Global Organisation

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Let’s here from a few Energised clients after attending one of our Coaching Sessions. Contact us below to schedule a meeting with Luc to discuss how we can assist yourself, your team and your organisation.



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